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About us

Ozy Online is an online portal selling variety of products collectively from Community, Home Based and Small Businesses. This is a team effort of people passionate to do business in Australia. Our moto is to help the community building a stronger local economy which together helps Australia as a country. 

We all know that, it isn’t always the easiest and convenient option to visit a local independent business. However, Ozy Online can help you to discover some great products and services offered by our local business. Ozy Online is thus a platform to work as a team for our local independent and/or home based businesses to showcase their products/ services and to reach out to the wider online customers. We act as a bridge between you as a Customer and the product Vendor, enabling you to customise and place the order assuring a robust distribution process to ensure you receieve the products in time. We are here to make sure you are happy and satisfied with the purchase by holding the money you paid to ensure the delivery to you before releasing the fund to the vendor.

We support these businesses without taking any comissions and they all sell here FREE of Commssion unlike other online selling platforms which means we help business avoid extra cost which becomes your saving. By buying from here you are supporting our local businesses, which can help support our local economy and thereby to build a strong and successful community around you! 

Anyone in Australia can turn your hobby or leisure time to generate an extra income without the hassle of knowing anything about technology or Online Selling and alll of these Free of any cost. Click on How to Sell Online Hassle Free to know more.