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Dried Fruits

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Dried Golden Berries | 567g

Dried golden berries, more commonly known as Physalis, are a natural super fruit that not only taste good but are packed full of goodness, perfect for a healthy lifestyle choice.
From $21.49
Australian Clusters

Dried Organic Clusters | 500g

Sun Muscat Seedless Raisins Organic (Australian Certified) Seedless
From $20.99
Picture of Dried Ripe Jackfruit | 150g

Dried Ripe Jackfruit | 150g

150g is equivalent to 600g or more of the original fruit. This is a ready to eat healthy food which can served as a snack.
From $4.79
soft juicy dried jackfruit

Soft and Juicy Dried Jackfruit | 510g

Tropical Fields Soft and Juicy Dried Jackfruit 510G
$29.19 $21.99
Picture of Steamed & Dried Jackfruit | 200g

Steamed & Dried Jackfruit | 200g

This can be used to make delicious Jack Fruit based dishes. As teamed and Dried, this is quicker in rehydrating and comes back almost the original smell and taste. This is also best vegan food as a meat replacement to make Jack Fruit Burger tasting like Pulled Pork. Please see details for the picture and recipe.
200g when soaked in water yields 500g+ of ready to cook Jack Fruit (can make about 2.5 standard dishes).
To make this ready to cook, soak 200g in 1 Liter of boiled water for just 30minutes and steam it for 5 minutes or two until you can feel it softer for your need.
From $6.69