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    Shipping & Delivery

    Shipping within Australia

    When you order products of Sellers within Australia, based on your location and total weight of the order, we try different carriers and work out the best options and list down for you to select the shipping method. Along with it, we also suggest options to save cost of shipping to make it completely Free! Sometimes it is possible that when the total weight gets into next bracket for shipping, it may go up but with the Estimate Shipping available in your order cart page, you can work this out and see the best options.

    The shipping option and Pickup Options listed differes Sellers to Sellers. Some Sellers may only have Pickup Location enabled, or some Sellers only use Australia Post for shipping. So based on whether the order contains multiple Seller products or only single Seller products, the shipping and pickup options vary. Appropriate messages are given indicating how you can save or whether it has multiple Seller products including if it will be shipped from different location are provided. If the products are from multiple location, it will increase the cost of shipping.

    International Shipping

    We have international Sellers listed with us who ships their products from outside Australia. For international shipping we have weight brackets which are as below. This may change time to time as how we affiliate with more couriers and shipping options for the international Shipping.

    1. Up to 300g
    2. 301g to 500g
    3. 501g to 750g
    4. 751g to 1Kg 
    5. 1Kg+ to 1.5Kg
    6. 1.5kg to 2Kg
    7. 2Kg+ to 2.5Kg
    8. 2.5Kg to 3Kg
    9. 3Kg+ to 3.5Kg
    10. 3.5Kg to 4Kg
    11. 4Kg to 4.5Kg
    12. 4.5Kg to 5Kg
    13. 5Kg+ to 7.5Kg
    14. 7.5Kg+ to 10Kg

    Curently we support upto 10Kg per order for international shipping. Anything more than that should be divided to 2 orders. Please note the shipping brackets so you can add more products to it keeping the weight limit and save cost. Approximate weight of the product that is considered for shipping is provided in the product details page.

    Thank you for visiting us and shopping.