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Chitram tv setup Box

Chitram TV | 18months | HD 4K Set-top Box | Free Shipping

PREMIUM CHITRAM TV - 18 Month subscription + Digital set-top box Model: MOJO v 4.0
Watch IPL and many sports in quality. Variety of Indian Channels and 1000's of movies are available with Chitram TV.
Easy to buy with a great local support team.
Chitram TV Remote

Chitram TV | Remote Only

CHITRAM TV - Remote Only
Chitram TV Set-top Box

Chitram TV | Set-top Box Only

CHITRAM TV - Set-top Box Only
18 months renewal

Chitram TV Renewal |18months Subscription

PREMIUM CHITRAM TV - 18 Month subscription Renewal and Continue watching Chitram TV.
Once you purchase the renewal the local support team will contact you by phone/email to with the ncessary details.