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Who can Sell with Ozy Online

Who can Sell with Ozy Online

Any business legally valid in Australia can list their product with us. We will allow maximum of 25 products to be listed with us from a single business. We also list products from outside Australia which we trust as genuine having products that can be shipped to Australia.

Ozy Online is an online portal for the small businesses, especially local small business and community including home based business to sell their products/services to the community. Everything is flexible with us based on how well we can TOGETHER help the community. Your question for the perfect online selling sites australia ends here and the best part is its absolutely FREE!

So the rule is very simple, if you have any product including Home Grown Veggies, you can list and start selling online Free.

Do you have home grown Veggies which you think you can allow pick up around your house without disclosing your address? We can set that up for you.

Do you have some plants that you think can either give away or sell and can be picked up at a place of your choice. We can set that up for you.

Dp you have any hobbies like stiching or drawing and want to sell them? You can sell with us.

Do you have a registered business producing products you sell at shops? You can sell with us online too Free. You have nothing to lose other than getting customers through us.

Think of any scenario which is legal and we can help to list those and you can start selling.

Look nowhere else for a risk free, investment free, selling sites like gumtree in australia, but with the great difference of your own online store and ready to buy and sell online. There might be many online buying and selling sites but none comes without any investment. We are here to help you especially the communoty of small business in Australia to have an online selling platform australia dedicated for a Commission Free experience.

Contact us for any doubts or concerns and we will be able to help.

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